Friday, October 21, 2011

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been out for a couple of days BUT I have not forgotten about adding a cool link today. I will add it at the end of this post. Guess what! I found a new contest called GOTCHA! and I am thinking of entering. If anyone has done this contest before posting a few tips would be helpful. I will also add the link to this contests' website. Argh! I'm doing it again. I'm procrastinating instead of finishing my first draft. Between work, husband and raising a seven year old, it's just so hard to make time to write. I am grateful for my beautiful family- don't get me wrong- but they require a lot of my time. I know, I know, welcome to a thing called life. I guess it's my fault, I got them used to me doing everything for them all the time. I am now realising that I need to carve out "me" time and let them know that for those one or two hours, I am NOT to be disturbed. Wish me good luck.   ok here it is, enjoy.   GOTCHA! contest.

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