Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy camper

I'm a happy camper. My story is coming along nicely with creativity flowing a steady stream.  Nanowrimo is awesome but I have fallen so behind that I don't know if I will finish on time. It's OK though, I think slow and steady is MY way to go about it. I found out that on the 17th we're having a write in about 5 minutes away from my house. Problem is- It's on my 16th wedding anniversary! I just know that I'm going to be fidgeting and looking at the clock. We always go out for dinner and I don't want to be late. I wonder if he has anything else planned- I'll let you guys know. Now, for my website of the week... Lot's of information for the Victorian era writer. If you find a site worth mentioning, please tell me about it. Good night and God bless you all.

Monday, October 31, 2011

On your mark, get set, Nanowrimo!

Ok life got in the way... daughters' school project, husband passing a kidney stone, full time job and this RAIN! I know kidney stones are painful, but men are such babies! He is ok now. Thank goodness because my patience was running thin. I'm just venting- I love him to pieces. Anyway, how exciting that nanowrimo starts at midnight. Yay! I signed up this year with the hopes of at least getting 20,000 words down. Just to write, write, write without looking back. No fixing sentences. No spellcheck.  I have never done this type of writing before so lets see if this style fits. So this is the plan; at midnight I will start rewriting the first 15 pages that I had already written for the M&B contest I entered. I made some changes and it needs to be rewritten. Only these 15 pages will be written and polished so I can send it in to the GOTCHA! contest. By the way, the contest was extended to Nov. 6th! Then tomorrow I start on page 16 the nanowrimo way. Good luck to all who entered this year. And now- drum roll- the website of the day is... Author! Author! ok, ok, I know it's a blog, but BOY is this blog FULL of useful information! Please check it out and pass it along to other newbie authors that need this type of info. This blog discusses character development, dialogue, how to edit your own manuscript, how to work with an agent, how to promote your book, tips on entering contests, how to use punctuation correctly and it goes on and on. I cannot say enough good comments about this blog. It is simply AWESOME! Hello, to my new subscribers and welcome to my humble blog. Please leave a comment, would love to hear from you guys.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been out for a couple of days BUT I have not forgotten about adding a cool link today. I will add it at the end of this post. Guess what! I found a new contest called GOTCHA! and I am thinking of entering. If anyone has done this contest before posting a few tips would be helpful. I will also add the link to this contests' website. Argh! I'm doing it again. I'm procrastinating instead of finishing my first draft. Between work, husband and raising a seven year old, it's just so hard to make time to write. I am grateful for my beautiful family- don't get me wrong- but they require a lot of my time. I know, I know, welcome to a thing called life. I guess it's my fault, I got them used to me doing everything for them all the time. I am now realising that I need to carve out "me" time and let them know that for those one or two hours, I am NOT to be disturbed. Wish me good luck.   ok here it is, enjoy.   GOTCHA! contest.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I couldn't sleep so I started fooling around surfing the web and found this;
Anyone interested in going to this conference, there is still time to register. I have not attended this particular one but I have read other author blog post stating their return this year because of last years success. It's going to be held in St. Pete, Florida, Check it out!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Good morning, Wendy here with top link of the day! I will try to do this daily, but don't chew me out if I don't! I will post some GREAT links that have to do with romance writing. Web pages that help aspiring authors like myself. Today's link is this is where I found Leah Ashton's blog. I found loads of info on this site and they have classes for writers. Check it out and tell me what you think! All web sites that I add will also be added to the Awesome Aspiring Authors Links.
You'll find this list on your left hand side of the page. Don't forget to tell me what you think!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Boo-hoo, I found out that I did not make the top (get this) 21. I guess they needed to make an exception for one more. The word out there is that most of the entrants that made it through, the majority entered their first chapter on the last day. I entered mine on the last day- didn't do me any good. Anyway, I am not discouraged. I will continue to pursue my dreams. It'll just have to take a little longer. If anyone knows of a good contest to enter- LET ME KNOW! This competition phase I'm in is exciting! That's all for now folks. Talk to ya soon, goodnight.

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Ok here it is, enjoy!